Time and Patience


Once you master the technical aspects of photography the other ingredients also needed to produce good images are  time and patience. Often, I have had to shoot the same subject at the same location on two separate occasions because of lighting or a missing element in the image. Although frustrating , persistence will prevail. This image of the water drop took over 200 tries and over two and a half hours of time before I was satisfied with this final shot.

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2 Replies to “Time and Patience”

  1. I was also fascinated by shooting at drops time ago, results are present in the blog (this article: http://imaginesvolantscriptamanent.blogspot.com/2011/01/drops.html) and in my archive just signalled there.
    Here, the two colliding drops are well captured but the space of them in relation to the rest of the photo is too small. In my experience I did not continue on collision of drops because I was convinced that a stroboscopic apparatus was necessary to do so. Isnt’it?

    1. 1 flash was used and a home made light box. To “pre-focus” om the drop I used a pencil tip to focus on the area that the previous drops fell.
      Once the focal point was set the rest was just timing.

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