Month: May 2011

Colorful Critters

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Spring and Summer are great for finding colorful critters. The best part about shooting these images is that you can usually find them in your own back yard. For smaller creatures like this caterpillar,  macro works great. I found this guy hanging out on a tomato plant leaf in my garden. You can get in close and bring out the detail that is often overlooked by the viewer. The best part is you don’t need an expensive macro lens to capture these tiny creatures.  Point and shoot cameras often have an excellent macro mode due to the design of their small lenses.  Don’t overlook the larger animals in your back yard either. Larger butterflies and birds can often be captured using a 200-300mm telephoto lens.

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Dead Space

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Sometimes it isn’t necessary to fill the frame completely with the main subject. The use of “Dead Space” can have a dramatic affect in your image. In this example, the main subject is the couple on the cliff. By using a wide angle lens and including the dead space to the left of the frame, a more dramatic effect is achieved. Be careful to avoid distracting elements in the dead space. This can cause the viewer to be confused as to what the main subject is within the image.

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