Month: July 2011

Photographing Star Trails

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This requires some trial and error. It also seems to work best if you cam find the north star and include it in your composition since the rest of the stars will appear to swirl around the it. An object in the foreground will add to the overall composition. A tripod or other way to steady the camera is mandatory as well as clear atmospheric conditions. For this image I took a few test shots at night for the correct camera ISO, aperture and shutter speed settings in manual mode. When I felt I had the correct settings, ISO 800, focus set to infinity,f8,30 second shutter speed I set the camera (Nikon D300) to take 100 images at 30 second exposures for about an hour.Each image was one second apart. I blended the resulting 94 images into one image for the effect. The light on the rock and trees was ambient light from a patio light which was enough to illuminate the foreground a little. If ambient light is not available you can paint the foreground with a flashlight for a few of the frames.

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