Month: November 2011

Photography Workflow

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Shooting thousands of images can be time consuming but organizing,editing and backing them up can be a daunting task. There are several tools available both paid and free to handle this job. I use Adobe Lightroom for most all of the previously mentioned tasks. This software will organize your images into folders and you are able to “Tag” individual images with keywords for easy indexing and retrieving later. I’ll do most of my  editing within Lightroom itself with it’s many available editing tools without use of another application. However, for more involved editing I do occasionally export images into Photoshop Elements especially when using layers. I prefer Elements over Photoshop CS since it leaves out alot of useless tools most photographers will never use. There are free alternatives available as well. Consider Google Picasa, Gimp and Infran View. If you work with RAW images as I do, also consider RawTherapee a great open source alternative RAW editor. If you use another paid or freeware application to manage your workflow and editing needs post it in the comments section.  


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