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Into the Fog

Often times we are compelled to capture photographs of beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Blue skies scattered with white puffy clouds always looking for the “perfect” light early in the morning or late afternoon. But what about the dreary mid afternoon weather or impending storm front.  This can be a perfect opportunity to capture images that can evoke another mood or feeling to the viewer. I try to take every opportunity to find something to shoot when I know a bad weather is heading my way. I’ll often keep locations of interesting subjects in the back of my mind for such a day knowing that a fowl weather sky would enhance contrast within the photograph. I have shot many examples of this where the subject in an image would not have been as interesting if the sky wasn’t so gloomy.  Rainy days provides us with puddles,water droplets or may add a reflective surface to blacktop which can make for an interesting composition.An example is the image on the left that was shot on a miserable foggy morning along the shore. This was the kind of morning you want to take advantage of and sleep in but I knew however, that this thick fog could present a good opportunity for a photograph.

When the weather is bad and the skies are stormy consider grabbing your camera and tripod and getting out there and shooting. You’ll be surprised at how many photographic opportunities are out there for you to take advantage of.

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