Off-Camera Lighting

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When shooting images that require the use of flash or strobes consider the use of off camera lighting. Controlling the position and angle of the light source can yield much better results than using a flash connected to the hot shoe of your camera. When the light source is in line with the lens the image tends to look cold and flat. By removing this source from the camera and moving  it at an angle to the subject the light becomes more natural and pleasing. The angle used will vary depending on the mood the photographer is trying to make.  I shot the image of this  model  in a small studio using three off camera lights. The look here was a soft, evenly lit model.


The diagram below represents the actual lighting setup used in the studio. Similar results can be  achieved using one strobe and a reflector or two.  The softness of the light is achieved by using light diffusers. This is a material placed between the light source and subject to help soften the light. In this case a soft box was used as the main or “Key” light. The strobe on the right was used to fill in shadows created by the key light and the strobe behind the model was used to light the screen in the background. A fairly simple but effective setup for the look I wanted to achieve.








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