Adding color to your images with flash gels.

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Adding color to your images using flash  gels can give an ordinary image a little “pop”. Gels are generally plastic colored filters that are placed over a light source, in this case a flash, that  add or correct color in a photograph. In this image, 2 flashes were used. One on the model that was filtered with a warming colored gel and one hidden behind the pillow on the scanner  table with a blue gel to give the scanner a high tech bluish “glow”. Color used was a personal preference and could have been any number of colors that gels come in.

Sometimes gels are used to correct color in a scene. If shooting a scene that has ambient florescent lighting with a flash the lighting color in the resulting photo can be an undesired orange. To correct this, a gel can be placed over the flash to compensate.

Gels are fairly inexpensive and a great way to add a splash interest in a photo or correct unwanted color.

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