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Lighting for Portraits

When lighting a portrait remember to keep it simple. Consider the use of one light and modifier at first. This is considered your main light and set the power according to your preference and vision. […]

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Linux for Photographers?

Over this past winter, I have been exploring an alternatives to the Windows operating system (OS) . I have become quite accustomed over the years to using applications such as Lightroom, Photoshop and Premiere Pro as […]

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Use a Frame within a Frame in a Photograph

Using a frame within a frame is a great way to direct the viewers eyes into an image and add a sense of depth to a two denominational picture . It also allows you to […]

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Portrait retouching in Photoshop

Here’s a fast and  simple tutorial for retouching portraits in Photoshop. ▶ Scott Kelby’s Portrait retouching techniques in Photoshop – YouTube. Portrait retouching can be accomplished using a variety of tools from Lightroom to third […]

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The Use of Geometric shapes in Photography

When composing an image, the addition of geometric patterns or basic shapes such as lines, circles, squares and triangles can add structure and organization within that photograph. It can help the photographer convey an idea […]

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