Adding color to your images with flash gels.

Adding color to your images using flash  gels can give an ordinary image a little “pop”. Gels are generally plastic colored filters that are placed over a light source, in this case a flash, that  […]

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Off-Camera Lighting

When shooting images that require the use of flash or strobes consider the use of off camera lighting. Controlling the position and angle of the light source can yield much better results than using a […]

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How to protect your images from copyright infringement.

Protecting your photographs from copyright infringement is important in today’s digital age. It’s too easy to have your images stolen and used for profit without your knowledge. If your a professional photographer or amateur enthusiast  […]

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Capturing a good image in bad weather…

Often times we are compelled to capture photographs of beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Blue skies scattered with white puffy clouds always looking for the “perfect” light early in the morning or late afternoon. But what […]

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Long Exposure Photography

Long exposure photography involves using slow shutter speeds to capture moving elements within an image. It helps to have a stationary object within the frame to complement this effect. To achieve this a tripod is […]

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