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The Use of Geometric shapes in Photography

When composing an image, the addition of geometric patterns or basic shapes such as lines, circles, squares and triangles can add structure and organization within that photograph. It can help the photographer convey an idea […]

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Long Exposure Photography

Long exposure photography involves using slow shutter speeds to capture moving elements within an image. It helps to have a stationary object within the frame to complement this effect. To achieve this a tripod is […]

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Keep the eyes in sharp focus in portraiture…

Keeping the eyes sharp  is essential when shooting portraiture. Next time you look at a photograph of someone pay attention to what part of the photo your eyes are first drawn to. Chances are it’s […]

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Photographing Reflections

Reflections can transform an ordinary image into something a little more artistic. Ant reflective surfaces like water ,glass and mirrors can be used.  The initial observation by the viewer can be confusing at first look. […]

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Give a New photo an Old look.

Want to give a new photo an old look? This only works with certain subjects. In this example I shot a civil war reenactment last spring. The image didn’t have the same impact in color […]

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