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Use a Frame within a Frame in a Photograph

Using a frame within a frame is a great way to direct the viewers eyes into an image and add a sense of depth to a two denominational picture . It also allows you to […]

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The Use of Geometric shapes in Photography

When composing an image, the addition of geometric patterns or basic shapes such as lines, circles, squares and triangles can add structure and organization within that photograph. It can help the photographer convey an idea […]

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Photography and Timing…

When shooting a scene with moving subjects consider shooting multiple frames or “bursts”. Two or three should do. Shooting people in motion,children playing or portraits, multiple images allow you the flexibility of capturing the main […]

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Selective Color

Selective color is a post-processing technique where most of a photo is converted to black and white, but some parts are left in color. The reason for this is simple…sometimes it just works. I shot […]

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Odd Numbers in Photography

Whenever possible frame your pictures with odd numbered objects. The most popular odd number is 3, but any odd number of objects  is better than even numbers. Odd numbers create an unconcious sense of unbalance  This […]

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