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This image was taken in Central Park NYC in 2009. I noticed the pattern of strong lines in the bricks overhead and seen potential for a good black and white composition. I switched to my 10-20mm lens to include as much of the pattern of lines in the shot as possible. I waited for someone to approach the tunnel from the other side to give the photo added depth and lead the viewers eyes to the main subject.

Technical Info: Nikon D40 with Sigma 10-20mm, Exposure: 1/8sec at f/6.3, ISO: 200, Focal length: 15mm

Here’s another example of the use of leading lines in a photograph. This was taken at a local beach. The fence and strong shadows create a visual path that leads the viewers eye into the photo. The figure on the dune adds scale to the image. Here is a link to an article that gives more detailed information on the use of lines in photography

Technical Info: Nikon D40 with Sigma 10-20mm, Exposure: 1/800sec at f/5.6, ISO: 200, Focal length: 14mm

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