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Linux for Photographers?

Over this past winter, I have been exploring an alternatives to the Windows operating system (OS) . I have become quite accustomed over the years to using applications such as Lightroom, Photoshop and Premiere Pro as […]

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The Use of Geometric shapes in Photography

When composing an image, the addition of geometric patterns or basic shapes such as lines, circles, squares and triangles can add structure and organization within that photograph. It can help the photographer convey an idea […]

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Adding color to your images with flash gels.

Adding color to your images using flash  gels can give an ordinary image a little “pop”. Gels are generally plastic colored filters that are placed over a light source, in this case a flash, that  […]

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Capturing a good image in bad weather…

Often times we are compelled to capture photographs of beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Blue skies scattered with white puffy clouds always looking for the “perfect” light early in the morning or late afternoon. But what […]

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Long Exposure Photography

Long exposure photography involves using slow shutter speeds to capture moving elements within an image. It helps to have a stationary object within the frame to complement this effect. To achieve this a tripod is […]

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