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Give a New photo an Old look.

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Want to give a new photo an old look? This only works with certain subjects. In this example I shot a civil war reenactment last spring. The image didn’t have the same impact in color due to the time period they were simulating. By looking at vintage photos from the  time period, I tried to simulate what the photo would have looked like if shot then. This gave the image a bit more impact. I used sepia tone and added a little film grain to get this final image.

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Tell a story..


Consider telling a story in your photograph. Technical aspects,once mastered, can add interest to a photo. However, being able to tell a story in 1/250 of a second can be the biggest challenge. Often these images are candid but can be planned out too. I found some of the best images I have taken of my kids are the ones that I took of them when they didn’t see me holding the camera.

Often this just means being patient and just watching for that one moment that tells the  story.

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