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Photographers Inspiration

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Inspiration is the key that unlocks the photographers creativity. A blank canvas can often be difficult to fill without inspirational ideas. Photographers are often faced with this obstacle and at times, need a form of inspiration to fuel their creativity.

A photographers inspiration can come from  a variety of sources. Images found in books,  periodicals, websites and blogs can all be sources of inspiration for your next photograph. Adding a “twist” on works from other photographers can spark your own creative process.

Often the strongest  inspiration can be found from the things we love or hate. Inspiration can come from  a mood or feeling weather good or bad. I think these are often the best sources of inspiration. Quite often, if the subject matter is strong to the photographer, there’s a good chance it will also be  strong  to the viewer. An image that tells a story or elicits an emotion are the building blocks for a creative and successful image. These building blocks form the foundation of the artists creative process.

The image to the right was taken on a rainy day. The kids wanted to play ball outside with the puppy and were waiting for the passing rain shower to stop. I think the ball in the  image combined with the title (“Waiting for the Sun”) , tell a  story quite well. My inspiration for this photograph was the “moment” itself. It was seeing the image on paper in black and white the moment it happened. I quickly grabbed my camera off the table and fired off a few frames. Although there are a few technical aspects that can be critiqued as always… the overall idea is clear and concise.


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Tell a story..


Consider telling a story in your photograph. Technical aspects,once mastered, can add interest to a photo. However, being able to tell a story in 1/250 of a second can be the biggest challenge. Often these images are candid but can be planned out too. I found some of the best images I have taken of my kids are the ones that I took of them when they didn’t see me holding the camera.

Often this just means being patient and just watching for that one moment that tells the  story.

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